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Sep 17, 2006 tsk,tsk
Sep 17, 2006 vote for champ :-D
Sep 16, 2006 ok a game
Sep 16, 2006 day at the pawk
Sep 16, 2006 my drawings :P
Sep 15, 2006 darn :(
Sep 15, 2006 Daisy
Sep 15, 2006 hehe!
Sep 15, 2006 thank you angel..
Sep 14, 2006 invador zim game!
Sep 04, 2006 Stingray kills 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin

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Friday Sep 15, 2006 06:16:00 PM

has anybody played the game"dogs life" before? mama has that game! its about a beagle(a big beagle kinda dog"hound") named"jake" :P hehe and he goes to rescue a yellow lab named"daisy" who has been dog napped by a lady named"peaches" who TRIES to put dogs into a machine and turn them into cat food 0_0 im glad it didnt happen though whew! hehe well I will try searching for a link hold on...

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Posted By: ☺•Jake•☻ 2006/09/15 11:18:04 PM
its okay

Posted By: 2006/09/15 09:55:16 PM
Sorry random moment

Posted By: 2006/09/15 09:54:47 PM
Either way Sissy wants the game.. BOL! Agh.. We are on Rhapsody and no familliar songs are on! †tçÉ▲l@8čŤ#%s

Posted By: ☺•Jake•☻ 2006/09/15 09:51:56 PM
I dont even think its a pug...maybe a mix?

Posted By: Baby 2006/09/15 09:51:20 PM
--could be a retriever?,mini pincher,ect. lots of em but you cant be the JRT though! there is also the saint bernard(bonus dog) its prettty hard to get to him though and the game goes by fast! i wish to be daisy though! :-/

Posted By: Baby 2006/09/15 09:49:41 PM
--are prety mean and dumb :-0 there is a dalmation,chihuahua,JRT,dobbie(dog catchers dog),greyhound,collie,bulldog,a yellow greyhoundish dog,husky,yellow pug with a big brown spot on his back,i have no clue what breed this dog is but hes brown and i guess

Posted By: 2006/09/15 09:48:41 PM
Yeah I bet Sissy will get emotional *Sissy glares* o_o Jk..

Posted By: ☺•Jake•☻ 2006/09/15 09:47:27 PM
i dont thinks so :-/ sorry! WARNING:this game has some grossed and innapropiate stuff to! :P BOL jk just the dog dung and "P" ;-) dont worry it wont show...unless you dont do the code ;-D i do find this game pretty sad though cuz the people in the game

Posted By: 2006/09/15 09:21:18 PM
OMD! Sissy's Aunt saw that at the game but didn't have a PS2 and Sissy has a Gamecube.. It looks REALLY fun zomg! Dx Sissy's acting like a 2 year old now she wants that game.. BOL!

Posted By: 2006/09/15 07:42:59 PM
Cool! Do you know if they have it for gamecube too? I dont have a PS2.. :-(

Posted By: ☺•Jake•☻ 2006/09/15 06:22:21 PM
you also get to turn into other dogs(but only for a short period of time)

Posted By: ☺•Jake•☻ 2006/09/15 06:19:41 PM

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